Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Regulations

Hunting Regulations

    Fort McCoy Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Laws and Regulations

    Firearm Registration 


Hunting Maps

    Small Game/Archery/Turkey Map (Appendix C)

    Gun Deer Map (Appendix D)

    Fishing Map (Appendix E)

    Trapping Map (Appendix G)



Firewood Cutting Regulation

   Fort McCoy Firewood Cutting Regulation



Click here for Activity/Information Card Template

All individuals are required to display an information card on the passenger side of the windshield/dash with the following information: Permit holder's full name (if there is more than one permit holder per vehicle, the names of all permit holders will be noted), activity (e.g., archery, gun-deer, small-game, turkey, scouting, berry picking, bird watching, etc.), personal cell phone number and two emergency contact phone numbers for each permit holder in the vehicle.