Activity Check-in/Check-out Rules

ALL individuals who are participating in an activity such as scouting, hunting, or trapping activity are required to Check-in and Check-out through your i-Sportsman account daily when on Fort McCoy. Remember to Check-out when you are done with your activity for the day and enter any harvest information (deer or turkey). Small Game hunters do not report any harvest.

Note to Anglers: Anglers are not required to Check-in/Check-out.

New users must register and create a user account before you can use Check-in/Check-out for the first time by selecting My Account from the menu.  Hunters and trappers make sure your iSportsman account includes your Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Customer Number. All recreational users need to update their iSportsman account annually and make sure they have the free annual Access Pass. The annual Fort McCoy Access Pass is required for all activities to include hunting, fishing, trapping, and non-hunting/fishing activities and allows the user to use the Check-in/Check-out system.  The Fort McCoy Access Pass is valid from March 1 through February 28 every year. A Fort McCoy Access Pass serves as the permit for non-hunting/fishing recreational activities. Click here for Fort McCoy Regulations and Maps.

How Do I Check-in/Check-out of my Activity?: You can Check-in via the internet (computer/tablet), smart-phone, regular phone, laptop located in office at Pine View Campground, or at the kiosk located at the Hunter Information Point (HIP).  The HIP is located south of Highway 21 at the intersection of South J Street and Highway 21 and will be open 24/7.

iSportsman web site 

  1. Go to iSportsman web site
    1. Select "Activity Check-in" and LOGIN
    2. Select your "ACTIVITY" (i.e., hunting or trapping)
    3. Acknowledge the required check-out time
    4. Select the ZONE (Lake, Zone 1, Zone 2) you wish to recreate in. You will need to reference the proper hunting or fishing map which is located under the Regulations tab. Make sure you check the Game Line for areas that are OPEN. 
    5. "CONFIRM CHECK-IN".  You are now checked-in for the activity and zone you selected. 
    6. Make sure to place your Activity Information Card in the windshield of your vehicle while recreating. 
  2. When you are finished for the day, or wish to move to another zone, you must "CHECK-OUT"
    1. LOGIN to your account
    2. Select "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT"
    3. The page will show you where you are currently checked-in at.  Select "CHECK-OUT"
    4. If you were hunting you will be asked "DID YOU CATCH OR COLLECT ANY HARVEST?" 
      1. If you did not, select "NO", then "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
      2. If you harvested game, please select "YES".  The site will prompt you to select the game you harvested.  Other information may be requested for white-tailed deer and turkey.
      3. Once you have completed entering harvested game, select "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
      4. If checking in to another zone, you will need to select CHECK-IN again and follow the same process.

The phone number for Check-in (and checking out) via phone is (866) 277-1597.  You will need to use your iSportsman Permit Number and your 4-Digit PIN Number when calling in. 

To Check-in online, click the "My Account" or the "Activity Sign-in" tab above, login, if you need to, and then click the "Check-in/Checkout" button. Make sure to select Confirm Check-in/Check-out at the end.


Anglers:  Anglers are not required to Check-in/Check-out.  The iSportsman system can be accessed by: calling (866) 277-1597, visiting online, or at the kiosk located at the HIP (see map at appendix E for zones, training areas, lakes and restricted areas).  Anglers do not report any fish harvested.

Hunters: If hunting, and you have your proper permits, you are ready to Check-in.  When you Check-in, you will be selecting a specific hunting/trapping activity and Zone (refer to hunting maps for zones 1 or 2).  When hunting you must select that specific activity when checking in.  If an activity does not show up, such as gun deer, cantonment archery, spring turkey, it is probably because you don't have a valid permit for that activity or you have not added your awarded permits from your "Acquire Permits" to your shopping cart and confirmed your order. Contact the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337 for assistance.

Notice: Firearms Registration All firearms brought on to the installation for any purpose must be registered through the Fort McCoy Police.  This requirement pertains to anyone with a firearm in their possession while on Fort McCoy for any reason including hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, shooting range, or visiting members of the Fort McCoy community or staff.  Questions related to firearms registration should be directed to the Fort McCoy Police at (608) 388-2266.  Firearms or crossbows are not allowed in the Cantonment Area. Click on Firearm Registration under the Regulations tab from the main menu for additional information.


Please contact the Permit Sales Office if you are experiencing login issues.  If you are unable to login to your current iSportsman account, please do not create a new account.


Note: If you are planning to participate in multiple activities simultaneously (such as small-game and fall turkey, archery and fall turkey, etc.) select the primary activity/season you intent to participate in.


Vehicle Activity/Information Card Requirement

All individuals are required to display an information card on either side of the windshield/dash with the following information:

Permit holder's iSportsman Permit Number (if there is more than one permit holder per vehicle, the names of all permit holders will be noted).