Much of Fort McCoy's 60,000 acres is naturally well-suited for wildlife. The majority of the land on Fort McCoy is divided into 82 training  areas totaling 45,648 acres, which are available for hunting. Harvest and biological data is collected to monitor wildlife populations and  wildlife health. Fort McCoy offers hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities to military (active and retired) and their dependents, government employees, and the general public.  All participants must have the appropriate Fort McCoy permit and State of Wisconsin licenses before they are allowed to hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy. 


This current iSportsman system is designed to be used with a computer or smart phone which works better than a regular phone. However, if you only have a phone, the iSportsman's  number is: 1-866-277-1597.

Click here for the iSportsman User Guide

It is the responsibility of all Fort McCoy Access Pass/Permit holders to know Fort McCoy Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Other Activities regulations. Fort McCoy Regulation 420-29

Recreation maps and regulations are available at the Fort McCoy Natural Resources Permit Sales Office (Bldg. 2168), Hunter Information Point (HIP) located along State Highway 21 at the intersection of South J Street and State Highway 21 and will be open year-round, and Fort McCoy Pine View Campgound.


Access to the Fort McCoyTraining Areas and Lakes is generally open to everyone for recreation as long as the area is OPEN located under OPEN AREAS (Game Line). If participating in a hunting, trapping, or fishing activity, you must possess the Fort McCoy and State of Wisconsin hunting/trapping/fishing permits and stamps. If participating in a Non-Hunting/Non-Fishing Activity you must obtain the current Access Pass through your iSportsman account. Make sure that you meet the installations access requirements.  

  1. Fort McCoy Recreational Access Pass and current  Fort McCoy and State of Wisconsin Hunting/Fishing /Trapping Licenses
  2. Recreationists 18 years of age and older must have a government-issued photo I.D. (e.g., military I.D., driver's license) on their person while engaged in any recreational activity on the installation.
  3. Vehicle Activity Information Card (disaplyed in windshield when on Fort McCoy)
  4. Check OPEN AREA status (Game Line) with Fort McCoy map to verify Training Area/Lake is OPEN.
  5. Required to CHECKIN to your recreational activity when on Fort McCoy (except for anglers)

Fort McCoy is and foremost a military installation.  Access is controlled (if accessing Cantonment Area) and is subject to change based on the security needs of the installation. 

Licensed motor vehicles are limited to operation on paved roads, gravel roads, maintained dirt roads, and trails for the purpose of accessing areas and lakes specific to facilitate that recreational activity. ​


All visitors entering the Fort McCoy Cantonment Area must obtain a visitor’s pass at theVisitor Control Center (Bldg 35). 
After business hours, visitor passes must be obtained at the Main Gate or Gate 20.  Visitor passes are issued at building 35 to people who do not have valid military ID cards or Common Access Cards. Each adult occupant of a vehicle must have a valid photo ID and will be cleared through National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III).  Visitor Control Operations is open 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays. After regular operation hours, visitors can be issued a pass at the Main Gate or Gate 20. People and vehicles are subject to search upon entering and while on military property. Unauthorized entry is punishable by Paragraph 18 U.S. Code 1382. 
All motorists entering or operating a motor vehicle at Fort McCoy must be prepared to show proof of vehicle insurance, driver's license, and vehicle registration when requesting visitor passes or when asked to show such documentation by law-enforcement personnel.
Questions related to visitor passes should be directed to the Fort McCoy Physical Security Division at (608) 388-2266.


To hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy also requires the appropriate Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, or trapping permit, and the appropriate State of Wisconsin license(s) and stamp(s).  The requirement for an Annual Access Pass and Fort McCoy Fishing Permit is waived for anglers during the WDNR Free Fishing weekends in January and June. 

Allowable Non-Hunting/Non-Fishing Activities (iSportsman Annual Access Pass Required)

Collecting of items is limited to amounts for personal use and consumption. Collection for sale or commercial use is strictly forbidden.

If an activity is not listed, contact the Permit Sales Office for approval 608-388-3337.

Recreationists must check-in before recreating and check-out at the end of the day. Everyone will have to check into a specific Zone (1,2, or 3).  Verify that the specific training area/lake you are entering is OPEN.  
If you want to change zones, you will have to check-out of the first zone and check-in again to the new zone. 


Click here to view available permits.

Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, and trapping permits, and annual access passes, are available through this Fort McCoy iSportsman website once you have established a user account. The iSportsman Annual Access Pass is free when you login to your iSportsman account. A debit card or credit card is required for online permit purchases. Permits may also be purchased at the Permit Sales Office (PSO). The PSO can accept cash, debit cards or credit cards for permit purchases. Checks or money orders are NOT accepted. The Fort McCoy Natural Resources Permit Sales Office, 2168 South 8th Avenue, is open Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
The appropriate State of Wisconsin licenses, permits, and stamps can be purchased through the WDNR GoWild online system or at any authorized WDNR GoWild vendor throughout Wisconsin.

  1. "REGISTER" to create an account. Once you have an iSportsman account, go to "ACQUIRE PERMITS".
  2. Find the permit(s) or application you wish to acquire and "ADD TO CART"
  3. Complete additional questions and select I Agree to the Acknowledgement.
  4. Select SAVE. By selecting SAVE, you item will be saved to your shopping cart.
  5. Once you have added the items you wish to acquire, select "VIEW CART & CHECK OUT"
  6. Verify the items you selected are correct and select "CHECKOUT". Follow all payment prompts (use of credit or debit card).
  7. "CONFIRM" your order, option to "PRINT PERMITS", and "RETURN TO HOME"

Note - Permit Applications: When applying for a quota hunt permit, your permit application will be entered into the drawing after you Confirm your order/checkout. Drawing results will usually take place the week after the application deadline date and drawing results will be posted to your iSportsman account under the Lottery tab.  If you were drawn for a quota hunt permit, go to "Acquire Permits", locate your awarded permit and "Add To Cart" and proceed with the process of purchasing your permit.

ACTIVITY CHECKIN/CHECKOUT - Applies to ALL Recreational Activities Except for Fishing

All hunting, trapping permit holders and non-hunting/fishing recreational participants, while actively participating in hunting, trapping, scouting, or non-hunting/fishing recreational activities, are required to check-in/check-out daily by

Participants and permit holders are required to select one of the designated zones 1-3 (see appendices C, D, G, and H for maps of zones) in which they intend to enter. Only one zone can be selected at a time. Participants and permit holders may change zones by checking-out of the initial zone they checked-in for, and then checking-in for the next zone they will be entering.

All participants must ensure that the training area(s) and/or lake(s) they plan to occupy within the zone are designated as open on the Area Status/Game Line. See specific hunting or trapping season for harvest registration and reporting procedures.


  1. Select "CHECK-IN" on the home page or if still logged into your iSportsman account or select Checkin.
  2. Select your primary "ACTIVITY". (e.g. Scouting, Non-hunting/Non-fishing, Trapping, Small Game, Turkey, Gun-Deer)
  3. Acknowledge the required check-out time.
  4. Select the ZONE (1, 2, or 3)  you wish to recreate in. Refer to your map for zone information. Before entering a training area/lake, verify that it is open on the Area Status page. If changing zones, you much checkout out of one zone to checkin to another.
  5. Enter additional Guests or Participants.  Guests are automatically Checkedout when you checkout., however, additional participants will need to CHECKOUT separately.
  6. "CONFIRM CHECK-IN".  You are now checked-in for the activity and zone you selected. 

Make sure to place your Activity Information Card in the windshield of your vehicle while recreating. 

Reminder, if calling iSportsman to CHECKIN/CHECKOUT call 866-277-1597 and use your iSportsman permit number and 4-digit PIN number to login.


When you are finished for the day, or wish to move to another zone, you must "CHECK-OUT"

LOGIN to your account
The page will show you where you are currently checked-in.  Select "CHECK-OUT"

  1. If you were hunting you will be asked "DID YOU CATCH OR COLLECT ANY HARVEST?"
  2. If you did not, select "NO", then "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
  3. If you harvested game, please select "YES".  The site will prompt you to select the game you harvested.  Other information may be requested for white-tailed deer and turkey.
  4. Once you have completed entering harvested game, select "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"

Checkout completed.



Contact Information

Permit Sales Office Hours
Open Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Closed weekends and holidays)
Building 2168
(608) 388-3337

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