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Welcome to the Fort McCoy Natural Resources iSportsman System



* 2023 Fort McCoy Spring Turkey Information: All 2023 Spring Turkey permits have been awarded.  No additional or left-over spring turkey permits available for the 2023 spring turkey season. Click here for 2023 Spring Turkey Information.

* Small Game hunting is not allowed from March 1 - August 31.

* New MapsChanges to Training Area Boundaries will take effect Wednesday February 15th. Fort McCoy DPTMS will be updating/changing training area boundaries which will affect the Game Line posting.  Therefore, Fort McCoy Natural Resources will be updating all recreation maps accordingly. These changes will affect all hunters, trappers, anglers, firewood cutters, and Non-Hunting/Non-Fishing activities. The new maps are dated JAN2023.  Fort McCoy iSportsman online maps will be uploaded to the web site starting February 14th.   

Training Areas affected by the boundary changes are:

Zone 1: C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-10, C-12, C-13, C-14, C-22, M-2, M-5N, and M-6

Zone 2: B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-9, B-11, B-22, B-23E, B-24, B-26, and B-28

Road Closure Notices:

Burma Road Closure:  Because of the continued expansion and improvement of Burma Road and the absence of safety barriers, Burma Road will be closed to all traffic until further notice.  Areas north of the North Impact Area (including the North Flowage and Lost Lake) can be accessed by alternate routes. For safety reasons, training areas D-7 and M-7 will be closed to all activities during this period. These areas will be listed as closed on the Game Line. At this time, the closure of D-7, M-7, and Burma Road is projected to run into early 2023. Any changes will be provided through iSportsman and the Game Line. We apologize for any inconveniences and thank you for your patience. Click here for a map showing the road closure.

Clearing Vegetation Along RoadwaysOver the next few months, clearing along travel corridors will be taking place to remove vegetation for the upcoming training season.  These efforts are routine maintenance activities for roadway safety requirements. Click here for a map.

Annual Access Passes Available: See Regulations for more information on who needs an Annual Access Pass.


Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Hazard Map 

For more information about UXO Click Here 


Hunting, Fishing, Trapping & Firewood Cutting

Welcome to Fort McCoy.  Do you enjoy the outdoors?

Fort McCoy offers hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities to military (active and retired) and their dependents, government employees, and the general public. All participants must have the appropriate Fort McCoy permit and State of Wisconsin licenses before they are allowed to hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy. 

Revenue generated from the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping permits is used for the management of fish and wildlife habitat and populations on Fort McCoy. 

Much of Fort McCoy's 60,000 acres is naturally well-suited for wildlife. The majority of the land on Fort McCoy is divided into 82 training areas totaling 45,648 acres, which are available for hunting. Harvest and biological data is collected to monitor wildlife populations and wildlife health. 

Fort McCoy has 10 installation lakes and impoundments and approximately 71.2 miles of coldwater streams and tributaries. The majority of the streams are Class I trout water maintaining naturally reproducing brook and brown trout. The impoundments on Fort McCoy cold water streams provide a variety of uses for recreation, military training, and habitat for fish and wildlife. 

Firewood cutting is allowed on Fort McCoy to help remove dead and downed wood from the training areas. Two permit categories are available: the daily permit costs $10 and allows cutting and hauling firewood for one calendar day, the monthly permit costs $50 and allows cutting and hauling firewood for 30 consecutive days. Income generated through firewood permit sales is deposited into a Department of Army account and used to fund forest management activities.


Accessing Fort McCoy:  Anyone participating in any activity (hunting, fishing, trapping, and non-hunting/fishing) must register/create an account using this iSportsman system. This is a one-time registration. If you forget your username/permit number or password/personal identification number (PIN), contact the Permit Sales Office (PSO) to get your account credentials reset instead of creating an additional account.  An active email address in your account will allow you to reset a forgotten password directly through iSportsman. Users must then use their iSportsman account during check-in/check-out while participating in hunting and trapping activities on Fort McCoy.  

Anglers, hunters, and trappers that are scouting, and non-hunting/fishing users are not required to check-in/check-out, but must still check the Game Line daily to ensure the area they wish to access is open. Your iSportsman account permit number (Login Id #) will serve as your Fort McCoy customer identifier through iSportsman and must be used when checking into a hunting or trapping activity.

A Fort McCoy iSportsman Annual Access Pass: The annual Ft McCoy Access Pass is free. The Annual Access Pass is required for ALL activities to include hunting, fishing, trapping, and is required for non-hunting/non-fishing activities such as scouting, dog walking, hiking, berry picking, etc.  All recreational users need to update their account annually by adding the current license year iSportsman Annual Access Pass. The iSportsman Annual Access pass is valid from March 1 through the last day in February each year.  The Annual Access Pass serves as the permit for non-hunting/non-fishing activities.  The Annual Access Pass is not required for non-hunting/non-fishing activities within the Pine View Campground and Whitetail Ridge Areas.  The requirement for an Annual Access Pass is waived for anglers during the WDNR Free Fishing weekends in January and June. 

To hunt, fish, or trap Fort McCoy requires an iSportsman Annual Access Pass, the appropriate Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, or trapping permit, and the appropriate State of Wisconsin license(s) and stamp(s).  

Children under the age of 16 are not required to have an iSportsman account or iSportsman Annual Access Pass when accompanying an adult iSportsman permit holder.  An iSportsman account and iSportsman Annual Access Pass are required if the child, any age, intends to fish and maintain a separate bag limit.  An iSportsman account and iSportsman Annual Access Pass are required if the child, age 10-15, intends to hold their own hunting or trapping permit.  All recreational users need to update their account annually by adding the current license year iSportsman Annual Access Pass.  The iSportsman Annual Access Pass is valid from March 1 through the last day in February each year.  An iSportsman Annual Access Pass serves as the permit for non-hunting/fishing recreational activities outlined in the hunting regulations.  Please review all regulations and rules prior to your activity.

Click here to view list of 2023 available hunting permits, permit applications, and permit fees.

Click here for additional Fishing Information.

Click here for Firewood Cutting Information and Permit Requirements

For additional information or for technical difficulties please contact the Fort McCoy Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337 or e-mail inquiries to usarmy.mccoy.id-readiness.mbx.dpw-permit-sales@army.mil